Through my “Holistic for Lawyers” services, I teach a weekly mindfulness class for lawyers and last week we had a discussion about the difference between mindfulness and meditation. “What is the difference between listening to music, walking in nature, just paying attention to one thing – rather than sitting in formal meditation?” Well, all those things, including meditation, are mindfulness. Mindfulness means really being in the present moment, which is a rare thing these days. As lawyers, our attention is pulled in so many directions – and we worry about the mistakes of the past and also the uncertain future. It is difficult to remain in the present as a lawyer.

However, if we do take time and discipline to actively create mindfulness into our lives, this will carry over in our work. In my ongoing attempt to explain “holistic legal services” – imagine that your lawyer makes it priority to be present with you – to listen to you and see clearly enough to incorporate the whole picture into your relationship. That’s what happens when you have a mindful and holistic lawyer.

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