You know the secret about taking care of your body? You get a clear mind. A clear mind is what is needed in these times of struggle and resistance. We must resist when we our liberties are being oppressed. There is no question. And for lawyers, this sentiment has reawakened our commitment to fighting for justice. It is a glorious and beautiful thing – with consequences.

When an emergency shocks us into action, we kick our nervous system into high gear and surge into action. The chemicals start flowing that allow us to join protests, and allow lawyers to sit on the floor at airports to write motions. These chemicals allow us to organize a “rapid response team” to be ready for the next emergency. Of course, this yields amazing results, as we have seen. However, there is a price to this.

The impact to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies is worth noting. We are borrowing from the future. Our bodies (on all levels) will respond back to the assault we are causing to them. Yes, we ourselves are responsible for our health. I am sure you have heard this before, but have you really accepted this notion? That you alone are the one who takes care of your health? That no doctor or other healer is responsible and can know what you need? Only you can know what you need to feel healthy and your best self.

I have learned the hard way that how we live our lives, especially how we see the world, greatly impacts how we feel in our bodies, minds, and hearts. In this era, where everything we have known is being assaulted, please rest assured that no one can take away our self-care. People have survived great traumas because they have taken care of themselves.

And so I extend to you, in these times of turmoil, fear, insecurity, and chaos, an offer to consider that taking care of yourself is a form of activism. This is a long fight and we cannot burn out.

Here are 3 tips to keep you grounded and able to fight the good fight:
1. MEDITATE! Whether you are a pro meditator or never even tried it (and everyone in between) – now is the time to do more of it. Some meditation is better than none. Just take a few minutes, get off media, and focus on your breath. This will focus your mind and help with anxiety.
2. MOVE! We all know that exercise is important and moving your body is good for your health. But with the trauma being thrown at us, our bodies are probably sore and stiff. Make time to walk, run, hike, do yoga, go to the gym, whatever you like!
3. DO LUNCH! Eating well is hard when there is work to be done, but skipping lunch is not the answer. Try to eat a proper lunch with real food, including vegetables, mid-day, so you don’t crash in the afternoon and make poor dinner choices, which can disrupt sleep.

Take care of yourselves.

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