Around the time President Trump came into office, I was listening to a webinar about immigration raids. The presenters were from all over the country and reporting on what they were seeing with ICE Raids in their cities and neighborhoods. I remember one presenter said that she didn’t want cause panic, but her intention was to “raise healthy suspicion.” I loved this sentiment and still do.

On the heels of the announcement about the DACA program, I feel the anger, grief, disappointment and fear in our country right now. But I also see strength, courage, kindness, and comradery of human beings. The issue of immigration is at the forefront of the news and I am grateful that so many people are engaged in the discussion. In advising my clients in 2017 whether to renew DACA or travel on Advance Parole, I have been raising healthy suspicion. And, I’ll admit, sometimes I raise not-so-healthy suspicion because of inconsistent and illegal enforcement of laws.

As we deal with this next hurdle of the future of DACA recipients, let’s remember that we must take this as a signal to move forward, both in our fight and in our lives. Those who have DACA should know that we are all behind you. Now is the time to take some risks with your green card application and to really figure out what is next. However, I still believe that while we should be prepared, and I recommending checking out the ILRC DACA webpage, we must keep our suspicion healthy. Yes, be suspicious, but we need to remain clear-minded so we can take ourselves, and our clients, to the next level of health.

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