Holistic Legal Services specializes in Family-Based Permanent Residence and US Citizenship. This means you are a Permanent Resident yourself or have a family member who is Permanent Resident or US Citizen.


We provide holistic services for you or your family member for the process to become a legal permanent resident of the United States. Whether you are undocumented and finally taking the leap to go through the process, you are a conditional resident and need to remove the conditions on your residence, you are abroad and going through the process through a foreign consulate, or you have a visa and need to adjust your status to resident, becoming a permanent resident is a daunting experience.

Adjustment of Status (I-485)
Consular Processing (DS-260)
Removal of Conditions on Residence (I-751)


Whether you already are a US citizen and need documentation, or you would like to naturalize and become a US citizen, we provide holistic legal services to get you there. You may have something in your past you are not proud of and it has been holding you back and hesitate to take flight. We guide you to face the past so that you may enjoy the freedom as a US citizen in your future.

Examples of past issues include:

Criminal Issues
Tax Payment Issues
Selective Service Issues


Sometimes the process to become a resident has a roadblock because of past immigration violations or criminal history, which require a hardship waiver. We provide compassionate dedicated representation in expressing your family’s unique story that will take into consideration the hardship your family suffers from the process itself.

Waivers of Inadmissibility (I-601)
Provisional Waivers for Unlawful Presence (I-601A)
Permission to Enter after Deportation (I-212)
Cancellation of Removal (EOIR 42A and 42B)


If you are not US citizen and have had problems with the law, it is advisable to speak with an immigration attorney about any immigration consequences. We provide holistic legal services to counsel you on the intersection between criminal and immigration law and the immigration consequences of criminal issues. If needed, we also collaborate with your criminal lawyer to make sure your immigration status is protected and you can move forward.

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