Recently I awoke with the question “Who am I?” seeping from my soul. You probably have had this experience, and if not, you will (many times) in your life. We come from families and then create our own families. For most of us, our families define us. Family matters.

I work with so many families from all over the world in my law practice with Holistic Legal Services. I am honored and humbled to become very intimate with my clients’ relationships, families, and also their turmoil. I see my clients marry, have children, reunite with parents, and create stability through immigration and citizenship status. On the other hand, I also see them divorce, grieve the loss of family members, and struggle with the insecurity of not having (or losing) immigration or citizenship status.

When I became a lawyer, I longed to help bring transformation to people. I wanted to empower them to work through their good and bad times so that they would be stronger than when I started working with them. I am fortunate that immigration and citizenship law allows this for me, especially since I work long-term with families.

That questioning morning, I realized that for as long as I could remember, I was trying to create an identity that served my own family. I wanted so much to be part of the family that I tried to be a person that fit in. I wanted to please. I wanted them to be pleased. But this strategy does not work. While we are all part of a universal fabric, we are each also individuals with something special to give the world. Our quest is find out our purpose.

As my clients know, this figuring out who you are, is a big part of the “whole” that is Holistic Legal Services. I will see you as a person, a whole person, who is just figuring out who she/he is in this world. And I will help you find your purpose.

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