I have always taken roads for granted. Growing up in the suburbs of the US and then living in cities, my roads would take me where I needed to go. They were the ground under my feet, my car, and my bicycle. Since moving to the Santa Cruz Mountains, however, any safety and security of roads has been literally swept away in the recent storms.

Mother Nature’s “violent” storms dumped much needed water upon us. This resulted in mudslides, tree falls, downed power lines, and damaged roads. Roads have literally washed away and parts disappeared. If the road has a mudslide or trees or lines down, it closes and you either don’t go anywhere or find an alternate route.

This has made me grapple with the reality that I am so small and powerless relative to Nature. Sometimes we need to yield all power so we can reset and recharge. I now feel more empowered living up here and am grateful to my friends and family who watched out for me and for my neighbors who I am confident have my back. I also know that I can live up here in my natural paradise along with the perils of living so close with Nature.

The saying is that “All roads lead to Rome” and my long-time meditation teacher wrote to me that “All roads lead to the Capitol.” Wikipedia says that the saying “refers to the fact that many routes can lead to a given result.” And maybe it is more metaphorical: Porter Wagoner sings that “All Roads Lead to Love,” and Steve Wariner sings that “All Roads Lead to You.”

In this age of social media, leaks, fake news, and immediate broadcasting of information, our heads can spin. I know that if I am not careful, when I close my eyes at night I see media scrolling under my eyelids.

Yes, change is happening in government and it will not be favorable for immigrants and those who wish to immigrate to the United States. These days we are sifting through what is true and what is not. We are trying to make sense of new policies and executive orders. But we don’t know what this all means and we could try to be patient.

The roads we are used to may not always be there, and we must constantly change our routes. We are powerless, yet empowered to rise up, speak up, and live our lives to the fullest. It is a beautiful time of unity, solidarity, and support to shine our best selves. Take advantage of it. Find your route.

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  • Joana Dougherty McGee

    Yes, when the proverbial road washes out, sigh, we are forced to seek alternatives. These roads will be trying, but without seeking our way, others will make our roads for us! Lovely piece. Thank you!

  • Carmelo Jimenez

    Love your posts. Thanks for sharing :-)

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